Microbiology & Pathogen Testing

The presence of harmful microscopic organisms in our surroundings is a major concern for individuals as well as for companies. The Federal Government and many states have stringent regulations involving certain pathogens. XENCO Laboratories offers a wide variety of analytical services to identify whether such microbes are present or not, and to what extent. These are the types of pathogen testing and microbiology analyses we offer:

  • Total/E. Coli in Potable Water (Presence/Absence)
  • Total/Fecal Coliform by MPN
  • Total and E. Coli by MPN
  • Total/Fecal Coliform in Potable Water (Presence/Absence)
  • Heterotrophic Plate Count
  • SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria)
  • APB (Acid Producing Bacteria)
Pathogen Testing